Craig Sigley

A little bit about us…

‘The Power of P.E’ is an organisation committed to raising the standards of Physical Education in all Key Stages. Please feel free to be nosey and pinch any ideas you may find useful from our website!

My name is Craig Sigley, I’m a practising P.E Specialist Leader of Education teaching in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

The aim of ‘The Power of P.E’ is to help instil Physical Education at the heart of School life, one way we aim to achieve this is by creating robust cross-curricular links in progressive P.E lessons. We also sell fantastic Primary P.E Planning that will help your School teach a deep and broad curriculum of the highest quality!

‘The Magpie Zone’ is an area where you can peruse our selection of tips & tricks to freshen up your lessons, all pedagogical strategies depicted on that page have been tried & tested so they come with a firm’ The Power of P.E’ blessing.

‘The Power of P.E’ Planning & Assessment

We believe in planning outstanding P.E lessons from Foundation Stage all the way through to Year 6. All of the lesson plans we have created specify:

How to differentiate lessons appropriately,
How to set out lessons,
The equipment you will need,
The lesson's teaching point (and how to ensure you're teaching them correctly),
Any numeracy & literacy links accommodated by the lesson,
Interesting facts to engage your pupils,

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