Athletics on a small yard? It’s only a small problem…

For some of my Schools a huge problem is space (or the lack of it).

One way we get around this and ensure we can remain competitive is through ‘the Duel’. ‘The Duel’ enables the children to develop their ability to run at pace around a curve whilst also getting a more ‘match realistic’ experience of developing an effective baton change technique.

For the duel we mark out a circle/oval shape which becomes the track. Place markers on the inside to show where teams should line up when waiting for their turn/counting laps. Also place markers on the outside to show where the children should stand when waiting for the baton for their shuttle for their team.

We like to split the class into 4 groups. 2 M/A and 2 L/A – This allows each group to compete against another one to complete the most laps in the time available (Obviously the 2 M/A’s compete & the 2 L/A’s compete). Allowing a simple running exercise to be differentiated subtly whilst remaining great fun and very active.

Give it a whirl!