Battleships – A fun way to develop over-arm throwing!

Are you struggling for fun ways to develop over-arm throwing power and accuracy?

Battleships might be one for you. You’ll need a lot of the collapsable hurdles used for Indoor Athletics (or an equivalent).

Before you set up the game make sure you split all of your targets into two piles to ensure it is fair.

The game is pretty simplistic. 2 teams play against each other and attempt to sink all of the opposite sides battleships before the opposition sink theirs!


The game can end in 2 ways, either one team knocks all of the ‘ships’ down or the time runs out (at this point whichever team has knocked the most hurdles down wins).

Just like the original battleships game, the teams are allowed to place their targets anywhere they wish as long as they are between two set points (make sure these are in front of where the children throw from). However don’t let the kids place targets behind each other as it stops them from falling down!

Each team will need a runner. They stand next to the ‘ships’ they’re attempting to knock down and fetch thrown bean bags and reload their team mates. Make sure the kids rotate this job!

To differentiate allow certain children to throw from a marker that is closer to the targets. Enjoy!