Fitness Focused Inter-House! – Soldiers, Pirates & Superheroes…

I manage the P.E delivery of 8 Schools, in which we monitor our impact as a subject as much as possible. In three or four of these Schools it became apparent that children’s cardio-vascular fitness wasn’t improving at the same rate as previous years, which led to some reflection on how to address the situation. […]

Promoting activity outside of School – A Parent & Kids workshop

One of the Heads from my MAC asked me earlier in the year if I would meet with some of her parents,  with a view of addressing her concerns regarding inactivity/obesity amongst children locally. In Stoke-on-Trent 5% more of our children are obese when compared to the national average, whilst in our Schools fitness levels […]

Inspiring our ‘Sports Stars’ with Team GB’s Ellie Watton!

In previous posts I have attempted to explain how my MAC attempts to reach all children to inspire and engage. This year I wanted to start with something that would motivate our more able children to push themselves or to try something new. In this post and I’ll attempt to summarise how I went about […]

Ofsted Number 6: My experience and thoughts……

In the penultimate week before our L.A broke up for half term, one of the 8 Schools that I work for got ‘the call’ on the Monday. In the Collegiate that I run Physical Education for, this was the sixth Ofsted Inspection in the space of 3 years. Although 5 of those did occur in […]

It’s Summer – Tri Golf (& so much more!!)

Apparently we have just entered the Summer term… I’m waiting for the weather to catch up to our schedule because where I am it snowed on Monday and Tuesday! When the temperature eventually rises, you have an opening to broaden your curriculum. There is a horrible train of thought amongst some Secondary P.E teachers (I’m […]

Childhood Obesity plan: Review & Response

The Government’s ‘Childhood Obesity: a plan for action’ was updated and released on the 20th January. It was 8 pages in length and contained some pretty interesting statistics and intentions. To help me digest and analyse its contents I started to write all over it, it’s a habit of mine – which has led me […]

Injecting the Olympic fever into your School!

“We’ve done so much in the history of the country and I take that into every swim I do. To represent the Queen, to represent the country and the people at home is an absolute honour for me. “London meant so much to me and it really inspired me. So hopefully for the children and […]

Primary P.E & Sport Premium – How to evidence & maximise impact!

As we approach the end of the third year of the ‘P.E & Sport Premium’ I’m amazed at the lack of guidance on how to spend the money effectively. As part of my role as a Physical Education S.L.E I have the pleasure of meeting lots of fellow teachers in lots of different Schools, I […]

“Mister… Can I be a fire breathing dragon?” – P.E for EYFS

It’s not a question many people are tasked with on a regular basis, and it’s not one that I was used to dealing with personally. I would say that since the second year of College I knew that I wanted to become a secondary P.E teacher. My old P.E teacher asked me if I’d like […]

D.I.Y P.E! – How to create your own School map

“What is the point of this Sir? If my Mum or Dad need to find where to go they just use their Sat Nav or Google Maps” A School I work with recently paid externally for their grounds to be mapped, we’d previously agreed that their P.E curriculum would benefit from being broader and one […]