The Grand National for your kids!

As you know we like to combine ‘real events’ occurring in our world and relate P.E activities to them. So here is the Grand National! (please note – You will not need Horses, no Horses will be harmed during this activity – it’s just a bit of fun)

The premise is really simple – mark out a shape using cones. This will make the track that the children must move around to attempt to win the race.

Children can work in pairs or more for this activity, each pair/group will need a bean bag. The most important rules are that they are not allowed to cut any corners and the children can not move when they are holding a bean bag!

The children must pass & move with the bean bag making sure they stay on the outside of the track. Towards the end of the race they will need to navigate ‘the jump’ (dum dum dummmmmm). This is as it says on the tin, children must jump over the space marked out with red cones above. To ensure the activity is differentiated vary the distance between the cones and challenge the children to jump over an area that is challenging to them.

If you are squeezed for space, try this:

Exactly the same game, but the children move in a straight line as supposed to around a ‘more authentic’ track.


P.S – I don’t how serious you want to take this, but you could always run a book in the Staff Room (speaking of authentic). That is a joke btw (or is it).