‘Jackpot’ Kwik Cricket

The weather is red hot at the moment, perfect for a spot of cricket!

I love any striking & fielding activity, but sometimes the children lose focus when it is their turn to field!

If you have had the same problem, maybe ‘Jackpot’ Kwik Cricket is for you.

The children compete in 2 ways, Batting (this can be in pairs or individually – depending on your class numbers and space available) AND Fielding. The pitch is split into quarters and each team must stay in their quarter. If anyone catches the ball straight off the bat they win 500 points for their team. Each time the ball is hit into their quarter the team must throw the ball around all members in that quarter – if they manage to do this, they get 50 points!

After each batting pair has completed their over, rotate the fielding teams so it is fair. Have a set quarter from which the team must supply a wicket keeper for the game.

You can also moderate the rules to focus on any freshly acquired skills. I.e – 100 points if anyone uses a long barrier. Give it a whirl!

Jackpot 'Kwik Cricket'