Knowledge in P.E: Substantive vs Disciplinary

Everybody has their word that they struggle to spell. Apparently mine is disciplinary, rendering this post a painful experience.

Whilst not absolutely essential most Schools are feeling compelled to organise the knowledge taught by their subject into substantive knowledge in P.E (development of specific skills – physical or otherwise) and disciplinary knowledge in P.E (the ability to select and apply these skills successfully during activities).

This move encourages me to consider a simple and effective way to sign post teachers (and potentially pupils) to where the knowledge they are learning differs between the two categories. To do this I used our incredibly successful Curriculum Progression Models. I was really wary over creating another wordy document for teachers to never look at, simple is often best. Leading me to this, colour coded CPM’s. It still helps the children understand what they need to do next to get better, it just also indicates what type of knowledge they are learning!

Very simple & I’d argue – very effective!