Olympic Pokemon Go!

As I prepare to get ready to go back into work I find myself praying, I’m praying that all of the children I have the profound pleasure of working with have watched at least a little bit of the Olympics. I’m praying that if they did – they thought it was as amazing as I did.

I’m aiming to generate/build on the Olympic fever with a variety of activities throughout my 8 Schools, one is this Olympics/Pokemon Go fusion. At the end of the year it was all the kids could talk about, so I thought I’d try this.

The idea is simple, each child in our Schools will be given an Olympic pack – within this will be newsletters and Olympic related challenges. The Olympic Pokemon Go being one of those, using the official Rio pictographs I have created some sheets the kids can use to try and ‘catch’ all of the Olympic activities. I have a few children in mind who resist all forms of activity but love anything with a technological slant.

This could be used in a competitive context if you so wished, personally to make it as inclusive as possible we will simply aim for as many children to complete ‘Olympic Pokemon Go’ by the end of September.

I hope you like it!

Power of P.E Olympic Pokemon Go! Pt 1

Power of P.E Olympic Pokemon Go! Pt 2