P.E at Home – Kid friendly lesson plans

Hi everyone,

My MAT has decided to create timetables for all classes except EYFS. So the children will get told which days and times they will have ‘P.E’.

I didn’t just want to follow the ‘Physical Activity’ route of always following a video so I’ve tried to create lesson plans for the kids to use for their P.E lessons. It has been a rush as I’m sure everything has been for you but I’ve attached the first two lessons that I’ve had a go at creating. At points the kids will follow a video – but in those cases hopefully there will be more consideration of the theory I hope they will learn.

For EYFS I have created a list of challenges that I’d like them to try and complete. They are all attached if you wish to pinch/modify them.

I hope this helps – Good luck everyone and stay safe!


EYFS Challenges


Lower KS2

Upper KS2