P.E Deep Dive! A helping hand…

Last week on Wednesday one of my 8 Schools were the lucky winners of an Ofsted Inspection!

P.E was chosen for the Deep Dive – to be honest the experience was intense yet enjoyable. Work is too busy at the minute to type out another detailed account – but I have managed to type out all of the questions the inspector asked!

I hope these are useful!


P.E Deep Dive Questions

What it involved…

  • 25 minute meeting w/ P.E Specialist & P.E Co-ordinator
  • 2 x 45 minute observations of P.E Specialist and Class Teachers modelling how CPD sessions are organised & quality of T & L (The Inspector was present throughout all of both sessions)
  • A meeting with pupils to discuss P.E at the School with them. 3 each from the classes she observed, the Inspector asked from 1 ‘M/A’, 1 ‘L/A’ and a child ‘from the middle’ (we were allowed to select the children!)


Questions fielded during meeting (the Inspector informed us towards the end of meeting that she would spend the rest of the afternoon trying to find evidence to support the statements during the meeting)

What would I expect to see in a typical P.E lesson here?

How do you make sure children progress?

How do you know children progress?

How do I know that the teachers using these Schemes of Works will ensure the children progress?

How do you know the areas in which teachers need CPD?

If you go (P.E Specialist) – is this sustainable? Do the teachers just forget and leave it?

So what is your CPD model? (I had to explain how we organise CPD and break down how I work with the Staff each half term)

Did the kids ever get to choose their topic?

What is Parkour?!

How do you structure your swimming? What is the % of children hitting the requirements by the end of Y6?

Do you use standardised trust wide Risk Assessments? (After I said no, the Inspector commented “Good, I see some trusts who use 1 blanket risk assessment for all Schools which isn’t advisable”)


Questions fielded to the class teacher during Observation 1

Is this normal?

Explain the standard of P.E here to me.

Is the P.E Specialist useful?

Explain to me how this topic/Scheme of Work will help all children to progress.

Have you got better at teaching P.E? How does CPD work in P.E at this School?

Would you be confident to teach this topic (Handball) independently now? (It was Lesson 6 of the CPD cycle)


Questions fielded to the kids during the lesson

(I tried to grab the kids I had seen the Inspector speak to after)

Is this normal?

Do you have P.E with Mr. Sigley and Mrs. xxxx every week? Both of them?

If you get really good at this? What will be your next challenge?

(Probing to check the kids awareness of the key teaching points) What do you need to do to make sure you complete this Challenge?