P.E Progression Pathway: How to prove your curriculum is progressive..

Let’s be honest one of the main questions School leaders and middle leaders are asked at the minute is how do you know that your curriculum is progressive????

It is a hard question to answer and more importantly it is an essential question to mull over for the benefit of your pupils. After many hours of consideration and work I landed on the following system.

I created a progression pathway that pays attention to the National curriculum and also stretches beyond it. I broke down the knowledge and skills I’d like the children to acquire by the end of each academic year, text in green refers to meeting the National Curriculum (which I feel is a little unambitious) and text in blue refers to the pitch that our Scheme sets. An example is below:

This helps my class teachers to see where we’re aiming to arrive and when. Let’s be honest it is also a really useful document to have when scrutiny arrives (in the form of a deep dive, mock or genuine). Because it allows me to literally show the progression pathway for each area of the curriculum – all of the lesson plans match the progression pathway too..

To help our curriculum to work like a well oiled machine we also use our Curriculum Progression models and assessment system – which help our children to see the next steps to help them to improve and allow our Staff to document where progression has been made and where.

I thought I’d share this in the hope that it might inspire you to create something similar for your own School – alternatively you could purchase a package that has done it all for you and will empower your Staff to maximise the potential of Physical Education in your School!

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