The Power of P.E Complete Package: How does it work?

We’re very happy with our Complete Package – it has stood the tests of multiple deep dives, excelling in each one. It will help your Staff teach engaging, high quality P.E lessons & broaden their subject knowledge. It will explain to your pupils how to get better and offer them the learning experiences to do […]

Knowledge in P.E: Substantive vs Disciplinary

Everybody has their word that they struggle to spell. Apparently mine is disciplinary, rendering this post a painful experience. Whilst not absolutely essential most Schools are feeling compelled to organise the knowledge taught by their subject into substantive knowledge in P.E (development of specific skills – physical or otherwise) and disciplinary knowledge in P.E (the […]

‘Kid friendly’ Curriculum Progression Models

Recently I shared the curriculum progression models that I created… Curriculum Progression Models – A step by step map for learning Our teachers find them really useful but I quickly found out their lexical choice make it difficult for the children to understand. So I altered them to create ‘kid friendly’ ones too! I understand […]

Get ‘Paris 2024’ on the kids radar!

Last week I mentioned that this year was an Olympic year and loads of the pupils had no idea (and quite a few weren’t sure what that meant) – so I quickly knocked this idea up. Easy maintenance and it should help the children have fun/get active/be aware of the fun that is around the […]

P.E Progression Pathway: How to prove your curriculum is progressive..

Let’s be honest one of the main questions School leaders and middle leaders are asked at the minute is how do you know that your curriculum is progressive???? It is a hard question to answer and more importantly it is an essential question to mull over for the benefit of your pupils. After many hours […]

Cheeky Champion Challenge!

After some discussion with my colleagues we felt we needed to create an initiative to encourage the children in our EYFS to move as much as possible (we also hoped it might make their families consider if there child can do certain things). The result was the Cheeky Champion challenge – it’s a tick list […]

Got to plan Sports day? – This could help…

Have you been landed with the task of sorting out this years Sports day? Relax… we’ve got you covered. I work over lots of different Schools and each one does it differently, a good start might be asking what you want to get out of it in a Staff meeting. After some reflection one of […]

EYFS Games Pack – Encourage your little ones to move at home!

We’re finding that the physical skills of some of our children in EYFS is beginning to vary quite considerably, in an effort to help to develop physical literacy we decided to create a termly EYFS games pack which we’re sharing with you guys. Basically we sent these home and asked the families to send us […]

Free Football lesson plans! (We’ve got World Cup fever)

I’m a big believer in making sure our pupils are aware of the big sporting events that are approaching, role models influence behaviours so try and capitalise on the events and use them as a catalyst for movement! To help you in this quest I’ve attached some of our Football Schemes of work… Enjoy! Football […]

Curriculum Progression Models – A step by step map for learning

As I shared with you earlier in the year I’m currently part of a curriculum coherence party at a local university – we have been meeting regularly over the course of this academic year and delving deeper into the benefits of adopting a concept led/considered curriculum. Throughout the Ofsted phrase ‘Curriculum is the progression map’ kept […]