Free Home Learning Packs – Lockdown Boredom Beaters

Hi everyone – I’m sorry this has taken a while. Working from home isn’t easy with a 4 year old and a 10 month old baby who I would describe as ‘strong willed’. You should find attached some PPT’s which you can adopt/customise and add to your School websites if you wish. I’ve tried to […]

Festive Fitness Focused Inter-House

Just another festive and active idea for you to try out in your Schools. The way we run this is a house at a time, blasting out Christmas music and with a timer running on the big screen in the Hall. Here is the ‘Festive Fitness Focused Inter-House’…   Feel free to wear as many […]

Co-ordination & Addition: Maths on the Move

I’ve had fun with this activity in the last few weeks… Nice and simple. Give each pair/team a piece of paper and a pencil and 3 bean bags. The kids score points if they manage to throw their bean bag and hit a cone! Simple, great and effective! Enjoy!

P.E Deep Dive! A helping hand…

Last week on Wednesday one of my 8 Schools were the lucky winners of an Ofsted Inspection! P.E was chosen for the Deep Dive – to be honest the experience was intense yet enjoyable. Work is too busy at the minute to type out another detailed account – but I have managed to type out […]

Trip to Tokyo!

I hope everyone has had a good first day back, in the coming days I’m hoping to share quite a lot of my idea’s for the coming year. But for now I thought I’d share this quick and easy challenge my Schools are having a go at in this Olympic year. I hope this gets […]

Activities to improve the stamina of your younger pupils!

The most recent NHS Publication regarding Obesity in the UK makes for worrying reading. The ‘headlines’ are these… There were 10, 660 hospital admissions directly attributable to obesity 29% of adults are classified as obese 20% of Year 6 children are classified as obese (in less affluent areas the prevalence of obesity is double than […]

Lunchtime Supervisors Activity Pack

In one of our Schools we found an inconsistency with which activities and equipment were being set out for the children at dinner time. In an attempt to combat this, I met with the lunchtime supervisors one afternoon. I borrowed 10-12 Year 5 children and I showed the lunchtime some really easy, fun, engaging games […]

Spice up your Athletics approach this Summer!

Athletics is amazing once Summer finally comes around…. if you’re one of the fastest/strongest. If you aren’t in that privileged group then poorly taught Athletics can be pretty unrewarding/boring for the middle to lower ability children. In our group of Schools we emphasise that who wins races/events in lessons isn’t too important. That is for […]

Primary P.E Self Assessment sheet!

I believe kids should be as active as possible in P.E lessons – but I also wanted to help our kids reflect on their perceived progress. So I’ve had a go at creating a self-assessment sheet to help guide this process. The idea is for each child to have one of the sheets, once they […]