New balls please! – ‘Wimbledon’ Tennis activity

Sliding scales sometimes allow you to facilitate an activity that is very specific to one particular skill, yet needs little input in terms of you ‘stepping in’ with multiple mini-plenaries. Below you will see an example of this – welcome to the Wimbledon Championships!

New Class? Try this Formative Assessment lesson out…

At this point of the year it is very likely you will be teaching/coaching classes who you have never seen before. The activity shown below is relatively easy to set up and demonstrate and it also gives you the chance to make some very worthwhile, varied assessments of your new class! I find the easiest […]

Olympic Pokemon Go!

As I prepare to get ready to go back into work I find myself praying, I’m praying that all of the children I have the profound pleasure of working with have watched at least a little bit of the Olympics. I’m praying that if they did – they thought it was as amazing as I […]

‘Jackpot’ Kwik Cricket

The weather is red hot at the moment, perfect for a spot of cricket! I love any striking & fielding activity, but sometimes the children lose focus when it is their turn to field! If you have had the same problem, maybe ‘Jackpot’ Kwik Cricket is for you. The children compete in 2 ways, Batting […]

Playground Leaders Pack w/ activities

An excellent way to extend the ways kids get active in your Schools is by training up some Playground leaders! We’ve attached a template you could use to train up some future Clive Woodward’s! They are very easy and don’t require much equipment. We hope you find it useful! Playground leaders pack

Progress Pointer! – The Push Pass

“How do I know if my pupils have made progress in this lesson?” It is a question that is often asked, both in reflection and by colleagues. It is also hard to answer some times – our Progress Pointer aims to open up an opportunity for children to be thoroughly engaged AND it allows you […]

Progression Sheet – So what’s next?

One of my favourite questions…. “So what’s next?” I love that question because it implies the person asking it wants to get better at something – if a child is asking this question then you have the main ingredient required for progression. Through my work with classroom teachers it became clear that the members of […]

P.E is more than just the ‘Physical’

As we all know P.E is a very effective vehicle to develop children in a variety of ways (that is why you have ended up looking at this website! – well done you), some people might need a little bit of help to see all of the ways P.E is amazing – so we have […]

Inspirational Poster – Be more Mark Inglis!

A little bit of food for thought for your children, it’s really important they understand some of the amazing things they are capable of! Some people are amazing and they can be too!!!