Help your kids get active this 1/2 term!

Half term is approaching and I’m hoping all of the children in my Schools spend it making memories and having fun whilst moving their bodies! In the hope it prizes certain children away from their technology of choice I’ve created a tick sheet of challenges to be given out this week. Feel free to pinch! […]

COVID Proof P.E Plans

OK I’ve had a go at putting together some lesson plans that adhere to Social Distancing whilst developing skills. P.E will be incredibly important this term so feel free to download these plans and try them out. Let me know how you get on! Socially Distanced P.E Cardio Ideas! Athletics Basketball Football Golf Hockey H.R.E […]

Athletics (tried & tested) – Socially Distanced P.E!

So that is the end of Week 2 under the new Covid-19 rules. During Week 1 I quickly found out what works and what doesn’t! Currently I teach 6 bubbles in a day, therefore I have found it is easier to clean all of the equipment and set it up early in the morning. Then […]

An alternative idea for Sports Day from home

As supposed to a Sports Day we’re thinking of having a Sports week, the children have to earn ‘points’ by doing some exercise. We then organise the points into their House groups – whichever house gets the most points wins! Here are a few ideas for how it could work…

Socially Distanced P.E! (A few ideas)

In preparation for June the 1st I’ve started to create/collate a few ideas on how to maintain Social Distancing throughout P.E lessons. The MAC I work for have asked that lessons use no equipment and minimal markers/cones on the floor. Whilst this is understandable – it is also a challenge. I’ve shared my initial ideas […]

Free Home Learning Packs – Lockdown Boredom Beaters

Hi everyone – I’m sorry this has taken a while. Working from home isn’t easy with a 4 year old and a 10 month old baby who I would describe as ‘strong willed’. You should find attached some PPT’s which you can adopt/customise and add to your School websites if you wish. I’ve tried to […]

Festive Fitness Focused Inter-House

Just another festive and active idea for you to try out in your Schools. The way we run this is a house at a time, blasting out Christmas music and with a timer running on the big screen in the Hall. Here is the ‘Festive Fitness Focused Inter-House’…   Feel free to wear as many […]

Co-ordination & Addition: Maths on the Move

I’ve had fun with this activity in the last few weeks… Nice and simple. Give each pair/team a piece of paper and a pencil and 3 bean bags. The kids score points if they manage to throw their bean bag and hit a cone! Simple, great and effective! Enjoy!

P.E Deep Dive! A helping hand…

Last week on Wednesday one of my 8 Schools were the lucky winners of an Ofsted Inspection! P.E was chosen for the Deep Dive – to be honest the experience was intense yet enjoyable. Work is too busy at the minute to type out another detailed account – but I have managed to type out […]