Activities to improve balance!

Last year one of our Schools had a child with dyspraxia join us – One key symptom was an inability to hold their balance a lot of the time. So I came up with some activities to help them practice the skill. I hope some of you find them useful!  

Athletics on a small yard? It’s only a small problem…

For some of my Schools a huge problem is space (or the lack of it). One way we get around this and ensure we can remain competitive is through ‘the Duel’. ‘The Duel’ enables the children to develop their ability to run at pace around a curve whilst also getting a more ‘match realistic’ experience […]

Boredom Beaters! – Ideas to keep kids active at home

This academic year I am spending as much time as possible with the families across the Schools I work with. I show them games they can play at home with little or no equipment that are both fun and active, to break sedentary days up or just to move even more. The parents from one […]

More Christmas based fun!

As the big day draws closer (and we finally get a break!), I’ve tried to have a little play with a few more Christmas games. Hope they can be of some use!

Battleships – A fun way to develop over-arm throwing!

Are you struggling for fun ways to develop over-arm throwing power and accuracy? Battleships might be one for you. You’ll need a lot of the collapsable hurdles used for Indoor Athletics (or an equivalent). Before you set up the game make sure you split all of your targets into two piles to ensure it is […]

Halloween P.E Game ideas!

If you’re someone who enjoys Halloween and wants to have some fun with your class, I’ve had a little go at thinking of some P.E games you could play that gets their bodies moving (perhaps necessary after all that ‘Trick or Treat’) Give them a spin and let me know if they’re any good…. I […]

Use the power of Wimbledon! – Free Tennis lessons from us to you!

Unless you’re stuck in a cave you might have noticed Andy Murray & co. are receiving media focus recently, hopefully your children will have noticed too! The LTA do a great job at ensuring most Schools have tennis equipment, there is a good chance your School has access to one of those blue ‘Aegon’ short […]

The Grand National for your kids!

As you know we like to combine ‘real events’ occurring in our world and relate P.E activities to them. So here is the Grand National! (please note – You will not need Horses, no Horses will be harmed during this activity – it’s just a bit of fun) The premise is really simple – mark […]

Can’t catch, won’t catch? – Have a look at this…

The road to improving a child’s co-ordination & ability to catch is potentially long, arduous and often quite repetitive for the poor kids. So below you’ll find a few idea’s to help you freshen up ways of teaching it! I hope some of these might be useful for you, or give you an idea of […]