Playground Leaders Pack w/ activities

An excellent way to extend the ways kids get active in your Schools is by training up some Playground leaders! We’ve attached a template you could use to train up some future Clive Woodward’s! They are very easy and don’t require much equipment. We hope you find it useful! Playground leaders pack

Progress Pointer! – The Push Pass

“How do I know if my pupils have made progress in this lesson?” It is a question that is often asked, both in reflection and by colleagues. It is also hard to answer some times – our Progress Pointer aims to open up an opportunity for children to be thoroughly engaged AND it allows you […]

Progression Sheet – So what’s next?

One of my favourite questions…. “So what’s next?” I love that question because it implies the person asking it wants to get better at something – if a child is asking this question then you have the main ingredient required for progression. Through my work with classroom teachers it became clear that the members of […]

P.E is more than just the ‘Physical’

As we all know P.E is a very effective vehicle to develop children in a variety of ways (that is why you have ended up looking at this website! – well done you), some people might need a little bit of help to see all of the ways P.E is amazing – so we have […]

Inspirational Poster – Be more Mark Inglis!

A little bit of food for thought for your children, it’s really important they understand some of the amazing things they are capable of! Some people are amazing and they can be too!!!

Ahoy me hearties! – EYFS Pirate themed P.E lesson

P.E lessons for the little guys in EYFS should be very active, progressive and tied in to the topic the children are learning inside the classroom! Here we have uploaded an example of how this could be done, put your sea legs on because you’re going to sail the seven sea’s!

Wow facts! – A way to engage your pupils

The world of physical activity is amazing, just by using your favourite search engine you could add a little ‘awe & wonder’ to your lessons. Kids LOVE learning new facts or visualising just how amazing professional athletes are. A Wow fact! is simple and very effective – try and find a fact that is relevant […]