“How do I get better?” – P.E Homework!

This sheet was developed after our children kept asking for P.E Homework (A sign we are doing something right hopefully!) On the sheet are 8 very simple activities that the children could easily practice at home. Give it a go & extend their learning!    

Differentiated Gymnastics Activity: ‘The Climb’

When teaching the children the concepts of Control, Extension & Fluency in Gymnastics you could organise your class into rows depending on their ability. This will enable you to differentiate easily (& accurately) You can differentiate using the complexity of the balance (the higher up the mountain, the harder they get) and/or by the length […]

Keep P.E Active Poster

As a minimum P..E lessons should be 80% active. To ensure the kids keep moving put this poster in the eye line of all your staff

Assessment Wall Sheets (a friendly guide to formative assessment)

Sometimes it can be difficult to picture how to regress/progress children during the lesson. This ‘Wall Sheet’ enables teachers to scribble the names of children against pre-determined challenges, if they can complete Challenge 1… move them onto Challenge 2 and so on!