Use the power of Wimbledon! – Free Tennis lessons from us to you!

Unless you’re stuck in a cave you might have noticed Andy Murray & co. are receiving media focus recently, hopefully your children will have noticed too!

The LTA do a great job at ensuring most Schools have tennis equipment, there is a good chance your School has access to one of those blue ‘Aegon’ short tennis sets – if not, send a member of staff on to one of their courses and they supply you with some equipment to get going!

We thought we’d help build on that scheme and the buzz of Wimbledon by supplying you with our Tennis Schemes of Work – download them and give them a go if they tickle your fancy!

DISCLAIMER – Drinking Pimm’s in School may get you in trouble. You have been warned……. GO ON TIM!

Tennis Year 3

Tennis Year 4

Tennis Year 5


Tennis Year 6

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Planning and Assessment